Custom Junk

6 6 6 GLOCK September 10 2016

666 serrations for when you are running, gunning , and shouting at the devil!



Turnt Bronze - Mossberg 500 September 10 2016

Customer wanted his Entire 500 to match! 

He gets what he deserves for making this thing all one color, just kidding.

Slop Not Chop June 01 2016

Always cutting up Glocks to make them work for your needs! 

this gun was fixed after someone else made a mess on it. 





Noveske 300BLK January 11 2016

I have a customer who has great taste and I cant complain one bit, the guy likes cool shit and wants to party! We started out with just the Noveske gen 3 lower and coated it some form of Booger Green! We were going to be building him a 300BLK upper for the gun and happened to land a Noveske complete NSR 14.5 300BLK upper for his lower!  Can not wait to shoot this thing with the shop demo 762-SD


Noveske / Knights December 21 2015

Something I had the pleasure of building for Luke up at Next Level Tactical. 

Noveske Gen 3 lower coated one of 50 shades of green . 
Knights SR15-E3 MOD 2 upper done up with a Trijicon MRO. 

And yes this gun shoots super tits! I will say that I may have to sell my mod 1 upper and get at a mod 2! 



Shades of Green November 11 2015

I started mixing booger green as a joke to upset people with expensive guns. I have since then done lots of that color and I cannot be happier that people are going that route! 


G17 Chop not Slop September 20 2015

Shot of my personal Glock that has been reduced / stippled by our in-house guy!

G17 with the heavy heavy stippling since my hands are oven mitts! 

Booger green! August 17 2015

Special request for a Aero upper / lower set and for the lower to be coated booger green! 

note: I miss my booger green Noveske lower.

Customer build. July 13 2015

Had a customer come through who took alot of my suggestions to heart and ended up with a solid gun . 

Started out with an Aero gen 2 stripped lower ( HERE ) Then after snagging all the magpul goodies from the wall he went with a BCM KMR railed upper built by BCM . since this is this the customers first AR rifle he wanted it to be tan, so we cerakoted it for him . Gun turned out pretty sweet and I cant wait to shoot this thing at the next desert outing! 


TURNT BRONZE May 19 2015

A color that I mixed up a while ago that has made its way around to some guns here and there. 

Turnt Bronze was something I sprayed on a buddies gun when he left for basic training. Now i spray it on quite a bit of stuff. this one was done for a customer who was looking for that goofy color!