Everything getting sent out the door today! June 17 2017

Since most of you goons missed the last drop, this time around we did the WHITE / BLACK. As always, you'll be getting a solid Hooker card with your order! 

CLICK HERE  to see if we have something in your size! 


Personal - G19 June 10 2017


People often ask me what guns I carry. Well the pistol I've been carrying the most is this G19 that was comped then un comped and as it sits now with no comp. With a RMR cut , front serrations and stippling done by us. I will also touch on a few small thing i did to this thing for it to be a carry gun for me! had it stippled and then sanded it down to make it less rough since I dont wear an under shirt when carrying a gun. Under cut and knuckle cut make this thing more comfy when shooting with the ZEV magwell since I have somewhat decent sized hands. Next is I replaced the factory barrel with a KKM match barrel along with a SSVI trigger. Stock internals are all in there including the striker spring, and  disconnector. No reason to take a reliable pistol and make it not work!  Long lame rant is over! here is my stupid G19 with a tank on it!!







CITY SEAL! May 15 2017

As you can fully guess, we printed some more City Seal shirts since so many people wanted them.  Not exactly sure when we will get around to making more of these, but I'm sure we will ! as always with anything we make, dont SLEEP ON IT!


Noveske : Range Forever May 08 2017

Last year we took a trip up to Noveske for a short trip to shoot machine guns, raft , eat and have a rad time! here is that video , just dropped by Noveske. 

Thank you URT URTG , ONE MORE WAVE , RESCO , and NOVESKE for a solid trip! 


City Seal - again April 25 2017

I guess we will be running another run of these shirts.... 

Palm Springs - Film It Fridays April 21 2017

Summer is right around the corner! April 11 2017

Just a Friendly reminder that summer is around the corner, and you should be ready to have fun! Grab your guns and the 4x4 and get out there! 


PHOTO: Matt Lingo 

Its Friday, Get the fuck out there! April 07 2017

Shop Hours! April 06 2017

Sorry to bum everyone out for the month of April. 

Hours for the Month of April 

Monday - Friday  - CLOSED. 

Saturday - 10-6

Sunday - 11-5


Chop Not Slop April 03 2017

Little Factory OD green G19 gen 3 for the start of your shitty Monday!

Don't waste you time if haven't already cut your frame up!  Email us and get the ball rolling or do the simple thing of calling us!