Personal - G19 June 10 2017


People often ask me what guns I carry. Well the pistol I've been carrying the most is this G19 that was comped then un comped and as it sits now with no comp. With a RMR cut , front serrations and stippling done by us. I will also touch on a few small thing i did to this thing for it to be a carry gun for me! had it stippled and then sanded it down to make it less rough since I dont wear an under shirt when carrying a gun. Under cut and knuckle cut make this thing more comfy when shooting with the ZEV magwell since I have somewhat decent sized hands. Next is I replaced the factory barrel with a KKM match barrel along with a SSVI trigger. Stock internals are all in there including the striker spring, and  disconnector. No reason to take a reliable pistol and make it not work!  Long lame rant is over! here is my stupid G19 with a tank on it!!